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Dan Kurtz

Dan, the founder of Bighorn Craftsmen LLC, has been involved with construction, since his teens.  He started working with a builder/remodeler in High School as a summer job.  From the beginning he was taught the value of doing the job correctly and not cutting corners.  


Dan bought his first house in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1997.  It was a “fixer upper” that turned out to be a real diamond.  Since then, he has renovated, restored and custom built numerous homes.  


Through the years, Dan has developed great relationships with various subcontractors.  At this point, he expects the best and understands the little details are what make the difference.  Dan only works with subcontractors that share that same belief.  Every house is built with the idea that he himself would be happy to live in it. 


Dan focuses on superior quality and offers great value by focusing on a handful of houses each year, verses cutting corners and mass-producing houses of lesser quality.

As the community is important to Dan, he currently serves on the Board of Directors for Habitat For Humanity.


The Build Crew

The Build Crew

As part of the build crew for Bighorn Craftsmen,

these guys know what it takes!  With years of construction experience, an eye for the details and great personalities, they know how to get things done.  Tight cuts, plumb lines and taking pride in everything they do.

It takes a special person to work with the Bighorn crew.  We seek the best to create the beautiful spaces our clients call home.



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